Hillcrest Baptist Church

Toe Tappers


Krispy Kreme

Eternal Water


The Girls



Joe Patti's


50 US States Map Icon Florida

Doras House


The Handlebar

Cards with Kids

The Handlebar

Emotional Feeling

I am at the Handlebar.I do not believe I have been here since I have been allowed here. Seems like it was in the far distance during the times I went to the Night Owl, often lingering and loitering in the parking lot around said event.

Colored lights in nightclub.
Handdrawn Thanks Friend Stamp
Friends Forever Cats
Crayon Oil Pastel Textured Frame
Interracial Friends Pink Promise Gesture
Colorful smoke frame

the Handlebar

Pensacola, Florida


Dead Devils

Punk Metal

The masks I have worn to conceal my heart are much more frightening than any

Bold Tech Web

Skate Punk Thrash Metal



to Florida!

Rectangle Ripped Paper Style Frame

This Dying Breed

Metal Core Band from North Florida

Rectangle Ripped Paper Style Frame

Taking shots

with a

rock star

Bold Colorful Pop Art Star

In response to the question:

"What bands do you listen to?"

Current playlist:



As an extension of emotion, music tells a story.

Music in unfamiliar languages frees the mind

to accept another's heart whilst keeping

one's own experiences and connotation of words from jading the story being told.


I too could have put into music,

the screams I have cried out.

Those with an intent

to appreciate

in a particular way,

walk along an elliptical state,

rhythmic spheres collide into each other

as the screams continue

from the heart.

I feel a heartbeat pounding from the music

and so I listen On.

Indeed...what is on my mind? Oh, so many things. The taste of sweet nostalgia beating such a vibrant blood through every pump of the energy.

Words are unnecessary as I hear the groans of a story to be told.

The singer able to quench these outcries with the screams within his heart. The screams that dull the pain and quiet the mind.

The lead guitarist, a farmer understanding the perfect order of things, so long as a melody is still to be savored.

The bass guitarist; trusted to incorporate the rhythmic heartbeat, the undertone surely to always be there to keep the energy.

The drummer who knows when to keep with the beat and knows sometimes you must hit a cymbal.

I thank you to this group for extending the emotions you put into this art. I feel the intent without needing to know the words. I left too early to ask if there were CD's (is that still even a thing) or T-shirts so I could pay respects and wear Floridians in Texas! There's certainly Summer merch everywhere!!

I have so much more to write on once my pics upload. Would love to capture any of the footage from this evening. Tag me in it or Instagram summer.j.alvarado

Thank you for a legit Florida night. ...with a name like "holiday" I do hope you take the opportunity to celebrate every day.

…to be continued

… it is time for me to

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Sidewalk with Plants and Trees at Lake Shore East in Chicago
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Green Neighborhood Park
Suburban Neighborhood Trees Landscape
Woman Farmer with Background Houses of Neighborhood
cat unicorn mermaid graphic
An underwater coral background
Mermaid Cartoon Character Illustration
Cartoon Mermaid and Seahorse
cat unicorn mermaid graphic
cat unicorn mermaid graphic
Underwater Background
Cat Mermaid Illustration
Cute Cat Mermaid
Cute Cat Mermaid
Cat Mermaid Cartoon
Cute Mermaid Cat
Love mermaid cat princess cartoon illustration for kids element icon
Cute Purrmaid and Mermaid with Castle
Flat Lined Cute Y2K Cat Mermaid
Sea animals swimming under the ocean
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Eel swimming behind the coral
Cat in a Mermaid Tail Costume
Close-up Photo of Red Cigarettes


Come and see




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Doodle Phrase. SOCIAL.
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Summer Text Lettering

the Seasonal

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Email for

postal address

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Risograph Print Fruit Cocktails
Milk Chocolate Candy / Praline / Truffle
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Candy Land in Watercolor Painting
Alcohol Bottles Illustration
Cartoony Stylized Woman in a Blanket
Sweet Lollipop Candy
Comic Female Curling Up In Blanket Illustration
Sweet Lollipop Candy
Colorful Candy
Prescription Drug Abuse Concept Illustration
Assortment of Colorful Candies

…say no more

Watercolor beach ladscape illustration. Seascape
Gradient Gold Arch Frame
Fashion Show Neon Sign
Interior of the auditorium with empty podium for fashion shows. Fashion runway before beginning of fashionable display.
Fashion runway background
Fashion runway background
Interior of the auditorium with empty podium for fashion shows. Fashion runway before beginning of fashionable display.
Cutout of Donuts
donuts falling
Donut with Bite